05 brown arab

➜ i'm a guy he/him
➜ i speak in italian, english, french
➜ i draw

favs : dream, tinakitten, georgenotfound, sapnap, karl jacobs, punz, awesamdude, ponk, foolish, hannah rose, sylvee.
other interests : cod mw, undertale, deltarune, little nightmares, ng evangelion, minecraft, yume nikki.

➜ i use: clip studio paint, blender, ibispaint
➜ ok for edits / layouts with credits
➜ don't repost without permission
➜ don't sell or use as NFTs
➜ don't use for AI "art"

➜ i live tweet
➜ i might criticize my favs when needed
➜ selective follow back
➜ don't ask me to unblock anyone. I don't run blocklists

**don't interact if **

➜ bigots/ terfs/ don't listen to poc/bipoc
➜ solo stan
➜ don't hold your cc's accountable
➜ overly sexualize cc's ( even if they are ok with it idc)
➜ support AI "art" and NFTs